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Moravian University Strength and Conditioning Philosophy

Our main objective at Iron Hounds Sports Performance is to provide the student athlete with safe and effective training modalities that will decrease the chance of injury; while also increasing athletic performance. Our Sports Performance Coaches will prepare the student athlete in five separate developmental categories: Physical, Psychological, Physiological, Technical, and Tactical. All categories are taught to the student athlete and are phased-in strategically throughout their career at Moravian University. 

Proper movement patterns and behaviors are taught in the early stages of development to allow a durable foundation to be built. Motor control and coordination, along with flexibility and mobility drills, are taught during this phase to ingrain these proper movement patterns.  Once a foundation is developed, the athlete will then proceed to the hypertrophy, endurance, strength, and power phases. All phases are tailored for sport specific requirements, and individual needs. Training is systematically programmed and calculated for optimal performance during the offseason and competitive season. 

Sports nutrition is taught to our student athletes throughout all phases. Covered topics include: caloric balance, macronutrients, timing, food composition, and supplementation that is approved by the NCAA. Sports nutrition is about giving the body proper resources at the correct time to enhance athletic performance and recovery. 

The Iron Hounds Sports Performance Staff are constantly updating training methods based on the research and data relevant to this field. We continue to expand our knowledge of Sports Performance to better serve our student athletes. 

At Iron Hound Sports Performance student athletes are held to a higher standard. The staff is here to assist YOU create a better version of YOURSELF. Through these high standards, student athletes will develop self-discipline, a good work-ethic, positive attitudes effective teamwork & and leadership strategies. 


How you train lays the groundwork as to how you compete.


Go Hounds!

Coach Long

Director of Athletic Performance CSCS, USAW L1, FMS L1