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Moravian University Club & Intramurals Sports


Summer Strength & Conditioning Camp

Camp Description:

This Fitness Camp will provide the student with advanced training in Olympic and Power weight training, cardio training, agility training, speed training and injury prevention. All students of Moravian College are allowed to participate in this camp, but must have prior experience in Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting, including proper lifting techniques, along with being able to run 3 miles.  

Prerequisites: Participants must have prior experience in Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting. Participants must be able to run 3 miles.

Camp Details

  • Begins Monday, June 28th
  • Strength & Conditioning Camp is open to the entire Moravian University student body.
  • Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays
  • 45 minute sessions: 4pm, 5pm & 6pm

Camp Location

  • Makuvek Field
  • Rain Location - ARC (4 basketball courts)


Club Sports

Moravian University supports club sports because they give students the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of activities in competitive environments. Over the years Moravian has offered a number of club sports teams including men's ice hockey, men's volleyball, women's golf, wrestling, equestrian, soccer, and lacrosse. The club sports are sponsored by Moravian's Student Government Association and organized by students with the assistance of a faculty advisor. Moravian also has a cheerleading squad for the football and men's and women's basketball seasons. For more information, visit the Student Organizations & Clubs webpage under Moravian University Student Life.


Intramural Sports

The intramural sports program provides competition among members of the Moravian University community.  Teams can be formed from any group of students, faculty, and/or staff.  Various leagues, one-day tournaments, and special events will be offered each semester. 


Visit and/or @moravianrec on Instagram for the current intramural offerings.

Spring Spring
5-on-5 Basketball Dodgeball
Volleyball 1,000/500 lb. Club
Outdoor Soccer Floor Hockey
  Flag Football
  Smash Bros

For more information, please contact 610-861-1534

Intramural Champions Intramural Soccer
Intramural Champions Intramural Volleyball
Intramural Dodgeball